Benro launches Reddog R1 3-axis gimbal stabiliser

Tripod and accessory maker Benro has announced the first in new series of gimbal stabilisers. The RedDog R1 has a 3-axis gimbal stabiliser, a swivel handle for swapping quickly between different filming heights, and three operating modes.

Many mirrorless cameras now offer effective image stabilisation systems to cut camera shake, but this is little help when shooting handheld video while moving. Image stabilisers can cut high-frequency ‘jitters’, but to keep subjects centred and produce smooth camera movements you need a stabilising gimbal mechanism like this one.

The RedDog R1 has a swivel handle for its Upright mode (high and medium angles) and Carry mode (for low angle filming). The handle has an ‘ergonomic’ silicon grip and built-in controls.

The three shooting modes are Locked-Down Mode, Horizontal Follow Mode and Universal Follow Mode. Locked-Down Mode is for locking on to a subject while moving the gimbal, Horizontal Follow Mode is for panning movements and Universal Follow Mode is for smooth camera movements towards or around your subject.

The RedDog 1 has a maximum payload of 1.8kg, so it’s well suited to current mirrorless camera systems. It’s been designed with Sony and Panasonic cameras particularly in mind, and offers zoom control with Sony Power Zoom lenses.

It also comes with a free companion Benro RedDog smartphone app, which is used to control the gimbal remotely, calibrate it and instal firmware upgrades.

The RedDog 1 is powered by its own battery which offers up to 12 hours life on a single charge. It also packs down into a fitted carry case which retains the gimbal’s axis positions to reduce setup time later.

Available: Now
Price: £350/$399
More information: Support & Tutorials — Benro Red Dog

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