Bowens is back with the XMT500, exclusive to UK dealer Wex Photo Video

Bowens has been a household name in professional photographic lighting for so long it was a surprise when the brand went into liquidation in 2017. But now it’s back, thanks to an exclusive deal with Wex Photo Video.

Wex has relaunched the Bowens XMT500, a monobloc design being sold either on its own or as part of a Twin Head Kit. The XMT500 features TTL operation via a remote that attaches to your camera’s hotshoe, high-speed sync (HSS) for shutter speeds up to 1/8000sec with Nikon, Sony and Canon cameras, and recycle times as low as 0.01sec.

It’s not restricted solely to TTL operation – you can also regulate the XMT500’s output manually, with eight stops of power adjustment. Full power output is 500Ws, but can be reduced right down to 2Ws. Wex says the XMT500 will be backed up by a wide range of lighting modifiers and shapers and will have a 2-year warranty.

The Bowens XMT500 is battery powered, so you can use it on location where there are no nearby sources of mains power, and offers up to 500 full-power flashes on a single charge. Empty batteries can be recharged in four hours and they can be swapped out for fully charged spares so that you can keep working.

The Twin Head kit will consist of 2 x XMT500 heads, each with a detachable wide angle reflector, LED model lamp and flash tube, 2 x lithium-ion batteries, 1 x multi-voltage charger and an XMT carry bag.

Available: Now
Price: Bowens XMT500 head £699, Bowens XMT500 Twin Head Kit £1,399 (also available at B&H in the US)
More information: Bowens XMT500 Flash Head | Wex Photo Video

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