Buy one of these X-Rite products and get Affinity Photo free

This sounds a great match. X-Rite is a world leader in colour management and calibration tools and Affinity Photo is a high-end photo-editing app with professional retouching tools and support for any colour space including RGB, CMYK, LAB and Greyscale.

Colour calibration tools can help achieve consistent colour for your display and your printed output. Monitor calibration is usually the first step, but if you produce prints then printer calibration can help carry that colour consistency through to your finished print.

Affinity Photo offers an end-to-end CMYK workflow with ICC colour management and it’s also available in both Mac and Windows versions. It’s a very compelling Photoshop alternative that matches Adobe’s program for power and features but does not require a subscription. It always scores well in reviews and it’s had awards from TIPA and Apple amongst others.

A regular Affinity Photo licences costs £48.99, so this represents quite a saving, especially if you choose one off X-Rite’s cheaper products like the ColorMunki Display. Here’s the full list of qualifying X-Rite products:

  • ColorMunki Display
  • ColorChecker Passport Photo
  • ColorMunki Photographer Kit (combines the ColorMunki Display with the ColorChecker Passport Photo)
  • i1Display Pro (professional level calibration for multiple monitors and projectors)
  • i1Photographer Kit (contains the i1Display Pro and ColorChecker Passport Photo)
  • i1Studio (start-to-finish colour management for creatives, from capture-to-edit-to-print)

This offer runs from 14th January to 31st March 2019, and you have until 30th April 2019 to request your licence code. For more information about the offer and how to claim this code, use the link below. Be aware that this offer only applies to purchases made in Europe.

Availability: Jan 14 – March 31 2019 (Europe only)
Price: Varies according to product
More information:

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