New Kenko TELEPLUS HD Pro teleconverters

These replace Kenko’s previous TELEPLUS Pro300 teleconverters and come with redesigned optics and multi-layer coatings to bring them up to date with the latest high-resolution DSLRs and lenses. Teleconverters fit between the lens and the camera body and magnify the image to produce a stronger telephoto effect. They come in different strengths, typically 1.4x and... Continue Reading →

New NiSi 5x cine lens bundle from MTF

UK video specialist MTF has announced the availability of NiSi F3 full-frame cine lenses in the UK. First announced in 2018, these lenses are now in full production and available for order from MTF. The F3 lenses are available in focal lengths from 25mm to 100mm, but they can also be bought as a five-lens... Continue Reading →

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