Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6

Fujifilm Instax Square goes fully analog with the SQ6

Instax Square is Fujifilm’s bigger instant camera film format, producing square images measuring 62 x 62mm with a border on white prints – though with the launch of the new camera, Fujifilm has also launched a new black-bordered version of its film packs.

Fujifilm already has an Instax Square camera on the market – the SQ10 – but this is a bit of hybrid kludge that effectively sandwiches a digital camera with a tiny printer, presumably using similar tech to the standalone SP-3 printer (see the Fujifilm Instax Square SP-3 review).

The Instax SQ6, however, is a fully analog camera, so is a bit more in keeping with the whole retro instant camera vibe. The square images are much larger than the regular little rectangular Instax prints and a bit like old-school Polaroid prints. You can also get it in three different colours – Pearl White, Blush Gold and Graphite Grey.

Like other Instax models, the Instax Square SQ6 is pretty cheap and cheerful in its photographic aspirations and features, but that’s perfect for its intended audience – happy party-goers who want a physical momento they can share right there and then.

There’s a simple direct vision viewfinder and a basic three-zone autofocus system from Macro (0.2-0.5m) through Standard (0.5-2m) to Landscape (2m and beyond). Exposure is fully automatic, and there’s a built in flash with optional coloured gels for wacky lighting effects.

You can compose selfies and group shots too – there’s a small mirror on the front to help you get the composition right, a 10-second self-timer and tripod bush on the base.

Available: May 25 2018
Price: $129.95 in the US and $159.99 in Canada, prices in other territories TBC
More information: Fujifilm website

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