Lomography launches Potsdam 100 black and white film

Who says film is dead? Not Lomography, obviously, because it’s resurrected an old black and white film (and film style) from the 1960s.

It’s the second of Lomography’s Kino Films and extracted, we’re told, from rolls of cine film produced by a German cine film maker. Designed for moody monochrome movies, the film is packaged up in 35mm film cartridges and has a speed of ISO 100.

This should make it ideal for sunny days, though the new film also has higher contrast than Lomography’s existing B&W Kino Film and higher DMAX (maximum density) for a greater tonal range.

Rolls of Potsdam 100 will go on sale in May 2019 at £7.90 each (you can pre-order now), which doesn’t seem too bad, though you’ll have to add in the cost of developing and printing too, unless you propose doing that yourself. Lomography does offer its own online developing service for those who don’t.

If you want to integrate your black and white film with your digital workflow you’ll also need a scanner. There don’t seem to be any high-end film scanners around right now, but a good quality flatbed with a transparency mode should do a reasonable job, and Lomography makes a DigitaLIZA 35mm film holder to make this easier.

To be fair, it’s unlikely anyone is going to get into retro film photography expecting top-end image quality and it’s more about the ‘feel’ of the film.

Lomography sells a variety of different film cameras, mostly replicas of cheap, cult snapshot cameras of the past, but there’s nothing to stop you using the new Potsdam 100 film in regular 35mm camera. You might have one in your cupboard, for example, but there are still plenty of decent working examples on eBay.

Find out more here: Lomography shop

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