New NiSi 5x cine lens bundle from MTF

UK video specialist MTF has announced the availability of NiSi F3 full-frame cine lenses in the UK. First announced in 2018, these lenses are now in full production and available for order from MTF.

The F3 lenses are available in focal lengths from 25mm to 100mm, but they can also be bought as a five-lens set in a rugged lens case, with a Nisi 4×5.6 Allure mist white filter, Nisi 4×5.6, Allure mist black filter, and a Nisi 4×5.6 polariser filter.

These are premium lenses, so they don’t come cheap and the RRP for the full set is £9,999 (ex VAT). They do cover 46.5mm sensors, however, and are compatible with ARRI Alexia LF, Red Monstro VV, Panavision DXL2, SONY Venice, Canon C700FF and other film cameras to come in the future. They are supplied with PL, Canon EF and Sony E mounts.

MTF says the new lenses offer “advanced resolution and perfect dispersion control” and will allow filming “with a soft and beautiful bokeh”. The whole F3 range shares the same physical attributes for simplified fitting and to eliminate the need to keep rebalancing rigs.

The lenses include the Nisi F3 25mm Full Frame lens T2.1 (£2,499 ex VAT on its own), Nisi F3 35mm Full Frame lens T2.0 (£2,0990 ex VAT), Nisi F3 50mm Full Frame lens T2.0 (£2,099 ex VAT), Nisi F3 75mm Full Frame lens T2.0 (£2,099 ex VAT) and Nisi F3 100mm Full Frame lens T2.0 (£2,499 ex VAT).

Availability: Now
Price: £9.999 ex VAT (5 lens kit)
More information: Nisi 5 lens kit | MTF Services

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