Olympus launches pro-spec FL-700WR flash alongside E-M1X

Olympus’s new flash setup consists of the FL-700WR flash and a wireless transmitters and receivers. The FL-700WR flash follows the pattern of other high-end dedicated flash systems from other camera brands. It comes with 180-degree swivel and 90-degree bounce capability, and guide number of up to 42m at ISO 100 and the ability to be used on its own or as either a commander for controlling additional flash units or as a receiver that can be triggered remotely.

Olympus’s flash system uses radio control to avoid issues with lighting and to work without direct line of sight, even with the flash behind the camera, at a range of up to 30m. The FL-700WR can control up to three remote flash groups and any number of additional units within those groups.

It’s been designed to be compact and light weight, and the FL-700WR is also dust, splash and freezeproof, so it shouldn’t be a problem shooting in the rain, for example.

Olympus claims a recycle time of 1.5 seconds at full power with NiMH batteries or 2.5 seconds using alkaline cells. It also says the FL-700WR can keep up with the E-MX1 at 10fps when set to 1/16 power. The company says the new flash is also compatible with its cameras’ High Res Shot, Focus Stacking and Focus Bracketing modes.

Other features include a Multi-flash mode for long exposures, Super FP flash for high-speed sync, first and second-curtain sync and a TTL mode with pre-flash. The FL-700WR also as an LED lamp built in for shooting video, with a 77-degree angle of illumination and 100 lux brightness at 1m.

The FC-WR and FR-WR remote transmitter and receiver units are sold separately and could prove useful for multi-flash remote setups where you’re using different brands or types of flash. Both are dust, splash and freezeproof. The FC-WR, like the FL-700WR flash, can control up to three groups with independent settings for each, while the FR-WR receiver has a sync terminal for regular commercial flash units.

Available: Late February 2019
Price: FL-700WR flash €349, Wireless Commander FC-WR €299, Wireless Receiver FR-WR €199
More information: Olympus UK & Ireland

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