Tenba Skyline bags

Tenba Skyline budget bags for beginners

Photography beginners don’t usually have a whole lot of cash, so these new Tenba Skyline shoulder bags are designed to offer style and practicality but at affordable price – quality on a budget, in other words.

They come in five different sizes, so you should find one to fit your camera system, whatever the size.

The smallest is the Tenba Skyline 7, which is designed to hold a small mirrorless camera or a small APS-C DSLR with a kit lens attached. That will sell for £35 in the UK, with US prices for this and the other Skyline models yet to be confirmed.

If you’ve got a couple of lenses to go with your smaller mirrorless or DSLR camera, there’s the larger Skyline 8, which will sell for £40.

The Tenba Skyline 10 is for a bigger DSLR with 2-3 lenses, including a 70-200mm f/2.8, and that will sell for £50. The two largest bags are the Tenba Skyline 12, for a DSLR with up to 4 lenses including an attached 70-200mm f/2.8 at £55, and the Tenba Skyline 13 at £60, which is larger still and can hold a pro-sized DSLR with battery grip attached.

The bags will come in two contrasting colour schemes – black with a silver logo badge or grey with a blue badge – but both will have a bright blue interior to help you find bits of kit more easily (camera kit is harder to spot against a black interior).

Other features include a 600D water-repellent fabric exterior with a flat-bottomed design so that the bag stands up on flat surfaces for easier access, plus a soft fabric interior with movable dividers.

There’s a zip-up net pocket in the lid for small accessories, elasticated pockets on the ends of the bag and, after all that, a 5-year warranty.

Obviously it’s not just beginners that might be tempted because the Skyline range is priced to appeal to established photographers looking for a new but affordable bag.

More information: Tenba website

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