Think Tank StoryTeller shoulder bag

Think Tank’s StoryTeller bags suit both DSLR and mirrorless

Designed for both amateurs and pros, these are shoulder bags with adjustable padded shoulder straps and a flip-top lid for quick access. The main compartment can be closed securely, there is a zippered pocket for valuables and there are expandable front pockets for more gear and accessories. There are even stretchable side pockets for cramming in a water bottle, for example, plus a rain cover in the front pocket.

The smallest is the StoryTeller 5 (T801) at £60 in the UK. This measures 24 x 20 x 16cm, weighs just 0.5kg and should be about right for an unwrapped DSLR or mirrorless body (i.e. no battery grip) and 2-3 small telephotos or prime lenses.

The next one up is the taller StoryTeller 8 (T802) at £65, which measures 30 x 21 x 16cm and weighs 0.6kg. This one should fit an ungripped DSLR or mirrorless body, plus 3-4 small telephotos or primes. This time there’s room for an 8-inch tablet in the front pocket.

The largest is the StoryTeller 10 (T803) at £80, which measures 30.5 x 26 x 16cm and weighs 0.7kg. It holds an ungripped DSLR or mirrorless body, 2-4 standard telephoto lenses and also a 10-inch tablet in a dedicated pocket.


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