Wacom Intuos

Wacom launches new Intuos pen tablets

You might think graphics tablets are designed for artists and illustrators, but they can work for photographers too. Photoshop and many other image-editing tools support pressure-sensitive input devices, and it can feel like a very natural way to paint on adjustments, or create masks and selections. A pen and tablet can also be used to replace a mouse for menu selection, dialog navigation and slider adjustment.

So that’s what’s behind the launch of Wacom’s new Intuos tablet range, which it’s pitching at artists, ‘hobby’ painters and photographers.

Personally, I’ve never quite been able to get on with graphics tablets – my hand-eye co-ordination is now imprinted with mouse control.

The Intuos range itself isn’t new, but this is being described as a ‘significantly upgraded version, with “a natural pen experience, improved accuracy and enhanced online navigation capability”. The new models offer the same tablet area as before, but a smaller desktop footprint and lighter weight.

The Intuos comes in two sizes (Small and Medium) and three colour choices (charcoal black, pistachio green or berry pink), and there are Bluetooth variants for wireless connection.

The purchase price includes free software which you can redeem and download. The options vary according to the product you choose, but include Corel Painter Essentials 6, Corel AfterShot 3 or CELSYS CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO for Manga comic illustration and animation.

The new Intuos models are available right now. The Intuos Small without Bluetooth costs 79.95, EUR 79.90, GBP 69.99, and with Bluetooth it costs USD 99.95, EUR 99.90, GBP 89.99. The Intuos Medium comes with Bluetooth as standard and costs USD 199.95, EUR 199.90, GBP 179.99.

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